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Tanner Park

A park tucked away in Parleys Canyon is one of Salt Lake City’s most popular dog parks. With a generous off-leash area and creek access, Tanner Park is loved by local dogs.

However, as winter turns to spring the creek at the end of the trail will have swift runoff water that can rip dogs away. The city is asking people to use caution when using this park. More by clicking here.

Getting There

Tanner Park is one of Salt Lake City’s most popular dog parks, boasting a generous off-leash area and ample shade. The park is adjacent to Parley’s Trail and Parley’s Historic Nature Park, so it’s a great place for pups and their owners to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

To reach Tanner Park, head to the parking lot on Heritage Way and 2700 East. Parking can fill up quickly, so arrive early to secure a spot. From there, follow the signs to the off-leash section of the park.

A popular activity at Tanner Park is shooting the tube, which is an old drainage pipe that has been turned into a super-cool waterslide. However, you’ll need to keep an eye on your dog at all times and use caution as the water is deep. To prevent injuries, it’s best to use a life vest and practice good recall skills. Also, bring a towel and some sunblock to protect yourself and your pet from the harsh Utah sunshine.


While this off-leash area is officially known as Parley’s Historic Nature Preserve, many locals and road trippers refer to it colloquially as Tanner Park or Tanner Dog Park. Regardless of what you call it, this park is a popular destination for Salt Lake City dogs.

This gully off-leash park is a great choice for those looking to get a little exercise and get some fresh air without having to travel too far from their home. Whether you’re looking to take it easy or challenge yourself, there’s a trail for everyone at Tanner Park.

One thing to keep in mind is that the trails are open all year round, so if you’re planning on visiting in the winter, you may want to bring a pair of traction devices like Yaktrax. These are easy to attach to your shoes and provide additional stability for hiking on the ice. They’re even available at most major online stores! Visit another area in town here.


Locals and road trippers alike flock to Tanner Park (also known as Parley’s Historic Nature Preserve) to take their dogs for a rollicking good time. The off-leash area, surrounded by water and shade, feels more like a hike than a dog park.

During the spring, however, Parleys Creek (which runs through the park) can quickly become a raging torrent beneath what appears to be a calm surface. Two years ago, a 58-year-old woman tragically drowned in the creek after jumping in to rescue her dogs from the raging waters.

Salt Lake City Public Utilities has been releasing water from Little Dell Reservoir in an effort to mitigate flooding this spring. Therefore, the creek is running higher than normal. As a result, it is especially important that dogs be leashed in the off-leash area this spring and that owners keep their pets away from the creek and water. Tip: Yaktrax, a shoe traction device that fits right over your shoes, is an inexpensive and effective way to improve footing on the steep hill up to Tanner Park during wet or snowy conditions.


Tanner Park is not an official dog park, but leashed dogs are welcome on many of the trails (you can also see them off-leash around a large creek at the bottom of the gully). This is not your typical fenced-in dog park so it’s important to exercise caution here.

While the official name for this area is Parley’s Historic Nature Preserve, locals often refer to it as “Tanner Park” or “Tanner Dog Park.” It is one of Salt Lake City’s most popular off-leash parks, providing a generous grassy area and a creek to help dogs burn off energy.

It is open year-round, but if you are planning on visiting it in the winter, bring a pair of Yaktrax or similar traction devices to wear on your shoes. This will allow you to safely traverse the icy hill up to the park. During wet or snowy weather, the creek access may be closed as well. Continue reading about Utah’s Hogle Zoo.


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