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Wheeler Historic Farm

Wheeler Historic Farm

One of Utah’s OG farmsteads, Wheeler Historic Farm offers visitors a glimpse of rural life with cow milking demonstrations and farmhouse tours. This charming and educational destination also features a variety of other historic buildings, animals, and activities.

Tours are available 365 days a year. Please contact Wheeler Historic Farm for reservation details. Read on to find out more.

Historical Site

Since its opening as a preserved site in 1976, Wheeler Historic Farm has served as both a place of learning and community gathering. It is home to a collection of almost 6,000 farming artifacts, and it also houses animals such as sheep, goats, horses, and cows. It is also engaged in various community outreach activities such as renting garden plots, hosting grassroots music festivals, and running Sunday farmers markets.

The farmhouse, built in the late 19th century, offers a glimpse into family life in Utah long ago. Its bedrooms are outfitted with antique dolls and a ram’s skull, while a screened-in porch in summer would have provided the family with respite from the hot sun.

Four young brown calves — Flounder, Maggie, Darla, and Dipper — follow Raegan Scharman out of a small dairy barn at the farm in Murray, a city in the heart of the Salt Lake Valley. They want to suckle her thumb, but she decides the best way to get milk from them is with her finger.

Educational Destination

Wheeler Historic Farm re-creates Utah family farming history in an immersive experience that educates and entertains visitors. Its preserved buildings are filled with period furnishings and artifacts, allowing visitors to envision what life was like on the farmstead in the 1800s. The site also hosts educational programs and workshops to teach people about the importance of sustainable agriculture and food production practices.

Its jogging paths, picnic areas, and playground are popular among families. The property at 6351 S. 900 East is part of a regional park and is located along a river flyway, so wildlife often stops by, as well.

The farm is staffed with four full-time employees and volunteers, and the facility is open to the public daily. It offers wagon rides, cow milking, and tours of the farmhouse. Its farm animals include sheep, goats, chickens and horses. The dairy cows are sometimes criticized for looking thin and bony, but Scharman notes that they are not underfed; rather, they’re anatomically different from chunkier cattle raised for meat. Browse around this site to check more places to visit.

Family-Friendly Attraction

The Wheeler Historic Farm is one of the few remaining late 19th-century farmsteads that have not been lost to the ever-expanding housing developments of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area. It has a number of activities and events throughout the year that are family-friendly.

The kids can see and interact with the animals that live on the farm, like the sweet pigs, quacking ducks, and happy horses. The kids will have a blast at the playground, and there are trails that wind through the 75 acres of landscape for a nice stroll or jog.

The farm is open every day from dawn to dusk, with the cost of admission being free. Wagon rides and cow milking are additional activities that require tickets, and these can be purchased at the Activity Barn. Special holiday events are also held at the farm, including an Easter egg hunt and a haunted barn during Halloween. The farm is also available to host birthday parties and groups.

Outdoor Activities

Wheeler Historic Farm is a fun destination that offers family members the opportunity to learn about life on a historical farmstead. This attraction is open 365 days a year and has no admission fee. Wagon rides and cow milking demonstrations cost a couple of dollars each.

The attraction also features a children’s playground and trails. The park and farm have a rich history that includes individuals living and harvesting on the land since the mid-1800s. There are a number of buildings on the property, including the Activity Barn and Victorian House.

This beautiful place offers activities and events throughout the year that provide a more hands-on experience with the animals. There are monthly farmer’s markets that feature fresh fruits and vegetables grown onsite. Special holiday events are also held. There are no entry fees, but fees for wagon rides, cow milking, and tours of the Victorian house are charged. Kids can even earn a Wheeler Farm patch by cleaning litter, participating in the cow milking demonstration, and taking part in other farm activities. Click here for more interesting articles.


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