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Clark Planetarium

Clark Planetarium

It’s free to enter the building and play with the exhibits but shows cost extra. You can also purchase a membership, which gets you into the shows for free, cheaper concessions, and other benefits.

Located within The Gateway, the Clark Planetarium replaced the Hansen Planetarium in April 2003. It’s a great place to learn about space in a fun way. You can return to our home page.

Interactive Exhibits

Clark Planetarium is a place where visitors of all ages can learn about the cosmos and space. It offers interactive exhibits, curated IMAX films, cosmic light shows, and more. There are also educational programs and events, like star parties and science camps.

One of the most popular exhibits is the ‘Journey to the Stars’ show, which takes visitors on a virtual tour of the universe. The show features stunning visuals and engaging narration, making it an immersive experience.

The Northrop Grumman IMAX Theatre has a 13,000-watt sound system and features a wide range of space-themed films. Its recent renovation added new projectors and a new screen.

Kids will love the interactive exhibits at the planetarium, such as battling meteor showers and repelling asteroids. They can also see a real moon rock and explore what Jupiter’s moon Io looks like, complete with trippy lighting. Clark Planetarium also has a great selection of science-themed toys for children.

IMAX Theatre

The Northrop Grumman IMAX Theatre at Clark Planetarium offers a selection of 3-D films and science and nature documentaries. It has a five-story-high screen and a 13,000-watt sound system. The speakers are positioned behind the screen and can reach the audience from any direction. Show times are available online.

The Hansen Star Theatre, or Digital Dome Theater, has 201 sloped stadium-style seats. It uses Evans & Sutherland’s Digistar projection system and a 55-foot tilted dome. It also has a Foucault pendulum, an Earth Globe, meteorites, and telescope displays. In addition, it is one of the few places where you can see a sample moon rock from an Apollo astronaut.

Admission to the exhibits is free but shows and parking are extra. If you’re planning on visiting the planetarium often, a membership is worth considering. You’ll get discounted show tickets, plus a discount on the gift shop and concessions. Plus, you’ll be able to park in the Gateway’s South parking garage for free for the first hour. Here is another spot to visit.

Laser Shows

Clark Planetarium offers a full range of astronomy shows and film screenings. Their IMAX Theatre and Hansen Dome Theater have high-resolution projectors that immerse visitors in a virtual space exploration experience. The facility has a Foucault pendulum, a rotating relief globe, a computer animation planetarium display, an imagined alien landscape, displays of meteorites and rockets, and many hands-on exhibits.

Cosmic Light Show performances at the Hansen Dome are a combination of music and a mind-blowing laser light show. The planetarium hosts three shows every Friday and Saturday night. The featured songs are from Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and U2.

Planetarium staff conduct eye-catching science demonstrations. Some of the most popular are the air pressure drop experiments and a chemistry experiment that turns water into ice. The educational films presented at the theater focus on a variety of scientific topics, including the Earth-Moon-Sun system, solar and lunar eclipses, and the search for black holes. The educational programs are aimed at students in grades two through five.


If you’re looking for things to do with kids in Salt Lake City, this planetarium is definitely worth a visit. It’s located in the heart of Gateway and is easy to get to. You can drive, walk, or take a TRAX bus to get there. For prices and schedules, visit the Utah Transit Authority website.

If driving, parking is free for the first hour and $2 after that in Gateway’s South parking garage. There are also plenty of metered spaces on the streets surrounding the planetarium. TRAX blue (Sandy) and green (West Valley City) line routes stop directly in front of the facility.

Exploration Space can get crowded during popular shows, so it’s best to come early. You can also buy tickets online for the shows before you arrive. You can purchase souvenirs at the on-site Planet Fun store, which offers a wide selection of astronomy-related items. You can also buy a 1-year membership to the Clark Planetarium for $25 or $35 and get free admission to the Dome and Imax theatres and 15% off at the Planet Fun store. Next blog post.



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