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Transmission Repair – Why It’s Important to Catch Transmission Problems Early

Transmission Repair – Why It’s Important to Catch Transmission Problems Early

The transmission transfers power from the engine to your vehicle’s wheels, so it’s a vital component. But like any other automotive part, it can wear out over time. Learn more by clicking here.

If you catch the signs early, you can extend the life of your transmission and avoid costly repairs in the future. Here are some warning signs to keep an eye out for:

Shifting Problems

A car’s transmission shifts gears to send power from the engine to the wheels. That means there are hundreds of parts constantly moving, rubbing, and heating up – so it’s natural that these parts are more prone to wear and tear than other components.

One of the most common signs of a problem with your transmission is having trouble shifting your vehicle into gears. A manual or automatic transmission will stay in a certain gear until the driver (manual) or computer (automatic) prompts it to change. Shifting problems can be very dangerous for drivers and passengers because they can cause the car to slip in and out of gears while driving – which puts everyone at risk of an accident.

Many people ignore a transmission issue until it’s too late, which can lead to expensive repairs or even replacement. You can avoid this by watching for these six signs that your transmission is starting to go wrong.

Strange Noises

We get so used to hearing our cars run and shift gears, that it’s a big deal when something unusual pops up that we haven’t noticed before. New noises that are out of the ordinary are usually your vehicle’s way of saying it needs a checkup, so listen and act accordingly.

Grinding sounds when you change gears are typically caused by friction due to a lack of lubrication from low transmission fluid levels or contaminated fluid with metal shavings. If it’s happening while accelerating, you probably need a clutch repair, or the transmission control module could be going bad.

Leaking fluid is also a sure sign that your transmission is going out. Look for red, oily liquid under your car or on the garage floor, and schedule an appointment to have it checked out as soon as possible. Catching leaking issues early saves you time, money, and stress in the long run. Letting problems get worse will only increase the cost of repairs.

Unusual Operation

The transmission takes the torque from the engine and converts it into a form that can move the vehicle. This is why it’s so important to pay attention to early warning signs like low transmission fluid, erratic shifting, or strange noises.

Just as with the human body, if you don’t take care of things when they aren’t working correctly, they will often get worse. A car’s transmission is no different and not getting it repaired as soon as you notice a problem can lead to much more costly repairs or even total failure.

It’s important to have regular inspections of your transmission by a professional. They will check all of the fluids to make sure they are at an appropriate level, and they can look for problems that you might not be able to see. For example, they can check the solenoid to make sure it’s working properly. This is a small electromechanical valve that helps control the flow of transmission fluid.

Gas Mileage

The transmission is responsible for shifting gears, determining what gearing the engine needs, and transmitting power from your vehicle’s engine to the wheels. If any part of this is not working as it should gas mileage will suffer.

If you notice any shaking, jolting, or kicking sensations when you shift gears, it is a sign that the transmission is not running smoothly. It could mean it is overdue for a service, or that a previous repair job was done poorly or left something disconnected.

Leaking transmission fluid is another major concern. Your transmission needs to be lubricated to operate properly, and without it, internal components overheat, grind, and clog and your MPG will suffer. It’s important to catch any problems with your transmission early on to avoid the need for costly repairs in the future. Getting your transmission checked regularly by an expert mechanic will help to ensure everything is working as it should. It may even save you money in fuel costs! Next blog post.