Our experienced service department will keep your vehicle in top condition. We use the latest diagnostic technology to provide high-quality service and quick turnaround. Our mechanics are highly skilled and have years of experience. Most of all: they love cars and care about yours.


ABS System Repair
Repair Anti-Lock Brake System issues
Brake Caliper Replacement
Replace front or rear brake calipers
Brake Drum Replacement
Replace rear‏ brake drums
Brake Line Replacement
Replace brake fluid lines or hoses as needed
Brake Pad Replacement
Replace front or rear brake pad set and clean/lubricate all moving parts
Brake Rotor Replacement
Replace front or rear brake rotors


Cooling Hose Replacement
Replace radiator, heater and other cooling system hoses as needed
Cooling System Flush
Flush and remove deposits and contamination from cooling system
Diagnose Cooling System
Find cause of cooling issues (i.e. overheating, leaking etc.)
Radiator Fan Repair
Repair cooling‏ system fan(s) as needed
Radiator Replacement
Replace coolant‏ radiator
Water Pump Replacement
Replace coolant pump


4WD/AWD Light: $70
Scan for trouble codes and diagnose root cause
Airbag/SRS Light: $70
Scan for trouble codes and diagnose root cause
Battery Light: $70
Diagnose cause of low battery charge
Blind Spot Monitor Light: $70
Brake/ABS System Light: $70
Check Engine Light: $70
Check Transmission Light: $70
Electric Steering Light: $70
Hybrid System Light: $70
Suspension Problem Light: $70
Traction Control Light: $70
Vehicle Stability Light: $70


Alternator Replacement
Replace charging system alternator
Battery Replacement
Replace vehicle main battery
Bulb Replacement
Replace burned-out light bulbs
Electrical Diagnostic
Diagnose any electrical issues in vehicle
Hybrid Battery Replacement
Replace hybrid system battery
In-Car Electronics Diagnostic
Find and correct issues with in-car electronics (i.e. climate, navigation, etc.)
Lighting Repair
Repair interior and exterior lighting issues
Wiring Repair
Find and repair damaged wiring


Cylinder Head Repair
Repair cylinder head and valves
Diagnose Engine
Diagnose cause of engine issues (i.e noise, leaks, etc.)
Engine Mount Replacement
Replace engine mounts as needed
Engine Repair
Repair internal or external engine components as needed
Engine Rebuild
Complete overhaul of engine including pistons, valves, bearings and gaskets
Engine Replacement
Replace complete or partial engine assembly
Gasket Replacement
Replace leaking gaskets on engine
Timing Chain Replacement
Replace timing chain, tensioner and guides


Catalytic Converter Replacement
Replace catalytic converter(s) as needed


Exhaust Manifold Replacement
Replace exhaust manifold/header as needed


Muffler Replacement
Replace exhaust muffler and associated pipes as needed


Emissions $32
Salt Lake County Emissions Test


Used Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection $60
Perform 160-Point complete used vehicle inspection


Vehicle Safety/Driveability Inspection $0
Courtesy inspection of all mechanical vehicle components FREE


Check Engine Light Scan $0
Scan for‏ trouble codes only FREE


FILTERS: Replace Engine Air Filter(s), Cabin Filter Change, Diesel Fuel Filter Change, Replace fuel system Filter


FLUIDS: Brake Fluid Change, Coolant Change, Clutch Fluid Change, Diesel Emissions Fluid, Differential Fluid Change, Oil Change- Diesel, Oil Change- Full Synthetic, Oil Change- Synthetic Blend, Transfer Unit Fluid Change, Transmission Fluid Change


OTHER: Drive Belt Replacement, Park Brake Adjustment and Tire Rotation


Timing Belt Service
Replace engine timing belt, tensioner, rollers and water pump (if applicable)


Spark Plug Service
Replace engine spark plugs


Valve Adjustment
Adjust engine valve clearances to proper specification


Complete Tune-Up
Replace engine spark plugs, plug wires (if applicable) and adjust valves


Alignment $80
Perform 4-wheel steering alignment to manufacturer specifications
Electric Power Steering Repair
Repair electric power steering issues
Steering Line Replacement
Replace power steering fluid lines as needed
Steering Pump Rebuild
Overhaul power steering fluid pump
Steering Pump Replacement
Replace power steering fluid pump
Steering Rack Replacement
Replace power steering rack-and-pinion unit or steering gear assembly
Tie Rod Replace
Replace inner or outer tie rod and dust boots


Air Suspension Repair
Repair air suspension components
Shock Absorber Replacement
Replace suspension shock absorbers
Spring Replacement
Replace suspension coil or leaf springs
Stabilizer Bar Repair
Repair or‏ replace stabilizer bar and links
Strut Replacement
Replace suspension struts
Control Arm Repair
Repair suspension control arm(s) and bushings
Wheel Bearing Replacement
Replace front or rear wheel bearings as needed


Clutch Replacement, CV Axle Replacement, Diagnose Transmission/Drivetrain


Differential Repair, Differential Replacement, Driveline Replacement, Transmission Repair, Transmission Replacement, Transfer Unit Replacement, Transfer Unit Repair, Repair internal or external transfer case issues, Transmission Mount Replacement


Diagnose Turbo System
Find cause of turbo system issues (i.e. no boost, leaks, noise etc)


Turbocharger Rebuild
Overhaul turbocharger including bearings, seals, turbine shaft and flush systems


Turbocharger Replacement
Replace turbocharger assembly and flush systems

Turbo Hose Replacement
Replace turbo inlet, vacuum or pressure hoses as needed


Turbo Line Replacement
Replace leaking coolant or oil lines to turbocharger